Financial Literacy Program 3 Sections, 6 ModulesYou Got This!!

Financial Literacy Program

Please note that the lesson plans contained herein represent the basic outlines that each session will take. Lesson plans will be enhanced by participant questions/interactions and instructor narratives that will vary based on the student instructors assigned to each section, as well as the participants involved from each of our partner high schools. Sessions 1-3 will involve the participation of each school separately (they come to the University on different days), while Session 4 (the wrap-up event) will involve all schools.

Session 1 – Modules 1 & 2 / Pre-Test

Module 1: Course Intro & Goal Setting
Module 2: Career Planning

Session 2 – Modules 3 & 4

Module 3: Higher Education
Module 4: Budgeting

Session 3 – Modules 5 & 6

Module 5: Investing
Module 6: Credit