Module Two

Topic: Career Planning

One Module Down! You Got This!

Module 2 Overview

Introduction/ Lesson: Instructors will explain to students that it is now time to apply what they have learned about goal setting to the area of career planning. Different career paths (ranging from education to business to science, etc.) will be briefly discussed, as well as how a solid financial literacy background can help students monetize their goals. Characteristics of an effective resume, as well as the overall purpose of a resume, will be covered (see below for important points to cover). (10-15 minutes)

  • Important Resume Topics 
    • Only include what is necessary to show you are a great candidate (quality over quantity)
    • Work experience includes ANYTHING, even if not paid
    • Goal of a resume: introduce yourself to an employer in a fashion that attracts their attention and provides them with all the necessary
      information, with the hope of getting a job interview. Your resume “gets your foot in the door”

Exercise: Participants will break into smaller groups of between 5 and 15 students (depending on how many student instructors/participants are present at each section) and student instructors will lead small group discussions. In these discussions, they will be asked to complete the “Ready, Set, Resume: Have You Got the Skills?” Activity Sheet from the Practical Money Skills Program website (see attached). (15-25 minutes)

Conclusion: Student instructors will guide participants through a full group discussion in which some participants present their resumes. The session will conclude with a summary of what the students have learned from completing this activity. (10 minutes)

Lesson 1

Ready, Set, Resume: Have You Got the Skills?

Knowing what to put on a resume can be tricky. The key is to think about the skills, education and experience that are required for your desired job, and to cater your resume to that job. In researching your dream career, what skills, education and experience did you discover are necessary? Use the sample resume to create your own “perfect” resume for that job.

Sample Resume