Module Three

Topic: Higher Education

The Famous Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Module 3 Overview

Introduction/ Lesson: Instructors of the course will present on the topic of higher education and college searches. They will first cover the necessary steps to take in “making a college short list,” according to US News & World Report (see below). They will also explain the college costs equations, the different types of college costs, and best uses for any student loans they may obtain (see below). (10-15 minutes)

  • Making a College Short List
    • Evaluate your needs and goals
    • Think about your major
    • Consider school size
    • Weigh geography
    • Go to a place where you will succeed
    • Make sure that your hobbies are available
    • Pick a school you can afford
    • Take a tour
  • College Cost Equation: Sticker Price – (Grants & Scholarships) = Net Price
    • Be sure to explain that grants are mostly need-based while scholarships are mostly merit-based
    • Also cover helpful tactics in applying for scholarships (unique categories pertinent to you, vary your essays for each scholarship, apply to as many as you can)
  • Types of College Costs
    • Tuition and Fees
    • Room and Board
    • Books
    • Personal Expenses
    • Transportation

Exercise: Participants will break into smaller groups of between 5 and 15 students (depending on how many student instructors/participants are present at each section) and student instructors will lead small group discussions. In these discussions, they will conduct a research project exploring the costs of various colleges around the country (colleges will be selected by the participants). Student instructors can also introduce how they handled their own education expenses/college search if they so choose. (15-25 minutes)

Conclusion: Student instructors will guide participants through a full group discussion in which they present their findings. The session will conclude with a summary of what the students have learned from completing this activity. (10 minutes)