Employees bring their Problems to Work with Them.

Could these be your employees?

My credit score is 610. I'm unhappy with it and unsure where to turn.

Hi, I’m Mike. I used my GoPlan financial coach to help me consolidate my debt and my score improved to 730! Because of GoPlan, I can get financing at better rates and buy my dream home!

I'm now over 50, should I have long term care (LTC) insurance?

My name is Brenda. I scheduled a phone call with a GoPlan Financial Coach who helped me understand the issue and explore long term care in general. Then, she directed me to GoPlan’s LTC resource page where I did my own research. We decided on a plan and now I don’t worry about being a burden to my children when I’m older.

What do I save for first...retirement or for my kids college? It is overwhelming!

I’m Rafael. I used GoPlan’s planning software to create a budget and priorities my goals. GoPlan had the tools to simplify these hard decisions and now my daughter Mira is in her second semester of college and I can retire by age 59!

All my friends are investing in stocks, should I? How do I start investing?

My name is Kate. I used GoPlan’s resource center to learn more about the stock market. After that I went to the Network page and opened an account with Betterment! Now I use GoPlans Investments page to stay up to date on trends and use my knowledge to impress my friends!

I think I'm overpaying on taxes. What can I do?

Hi, I’m Aiyden. I watched multiple videos on GoPlan’s tax resource page and then was able to connect with GoPlan’s tax provider on the same page! Now, I refiled and got a refund to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring! Spoiler alert, she said yes!!

I'm 30 and still paying off my student loans. HELP!

My name is Li. I went to GoPlan’s Network page and connected with GoPlan’s student loan specialist. They helped me refinance my student loans and my new rate is 1.89%! Now, I’m less stressed about my finances and have prioritized my money so I can buy a new car!

I'm saving for a down payment. How much do I need?

My name is Dana. I went to GoPlan’s Mortgage resource page and read an article for new home buyers. I learned about home equity loans and connected with GoPlan’s mortgage people to process my loan. I move into my new house tomorrow, fingers crossed for this new adventure!

I'm a small business owner. I need to manage my money better.

My name is Farah. I connected my bank accounts to GoPlan’s Financial Planning Software and I can manage my business revenue and personal finances live. When I need more information about budgeting, I head over to their Resource Center to find what I need! Now, my marketing agency is thriving and I’ve saved enough to go on a vacation with my husband!

Will social security be around when I'm ready to retire?

Hi, I’m Dave. I used Goplan’s Research Center to find articles and videos on Social Security. I learned how to avoid scams and decided to contact a Social Security Expert on GoPlan’s Network Page. Additional knowledge never hurt anyone and it helped me deal with my retirement plan.

Is estate planning necessary if I have a will?

I’m Kevin. I scheduled a phone call with a GoPlan Financial Coach to address the question. The first thing my coach did was ask questions about me, my family, and what I wanted. I got a personalized answer that I wouldn’t have found online! Next, my coach recommended a provider from their Network to simplify the estate planning process.

I'm 38, should I be saving for retirement? If so, how much will I need?

Hi, I’m Tasha. I went to GoPlan’s Financial Tool page and used their retirement calculator. Next, I logged in to their Financial Planning Software to create my own retirement plan! I feel relieved to know where I am and no longer worry about my financial future! Now it is up to me!

I want to make sure my kids get into the right college!

My name is Amaira. I contacted a GoPlan Financial Coach who guided me to their Education Planning page where I connected with their college advisor. Then, my coach showed my how I can afford tuition. I’m excited to announce my son was accepted to his top school! Go Bulldogs!

Am I overpaying on my mortgage or on credit cards?

I’m Taylor. I used Goplan’s Research Center to find more information. Next, I contacted a GoPlan coach so I could get a personalized take on my situation! With my lower mortgage I’ve been able to spoil my kids at Christmas this year!

I'm 65 or older and I need help with Medicare!

My name is Dan. I called a GoPlan Financial Coach to figure out what to do. My coach recommended a company in their Network. With their help, I was able to compare and enroll in a Medicare health insurance plan for me and my family. After doing so, I could feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders!

I'm 30 with 3 kids! When should I worry about life insurance? How much should I have?

Hi, I’m Luke. I used GoPlans Life Insurance Resource page to do my own research and I’m glad I did. I was able to connect with one of their providers to get a quote. Having life insurance is one less thing I have to worry about and after all, I have three kids so I worry enough.

How GoPlan Groups Helps Your Group And You

Do any of these sound familiar?

My employees are distracted and stressed out! How do I help them?

Hi, I’m Sarah and I work in HR. I had no idea that personal financial stress was holding my employees back. Once I offered GoPlan Groups as a benefit to my employees their morale and productivity improved! My employees appreciate that we care enough to offer a solution to their personal stressors and now they’re not distracted at work!

6 employees took other jobs in the last month! How can I lower turnover?

My name is Damien and I’m the general manager at my company. I had no idea financially stressed employees were 2X more likely to seek employment elsewhere. Introducing GoPlan as a benefit helped to retain top talent.

I've interviewed an excellent candidate but he chose another company over us!

I’m Aria and I’m the HR manager for a large company. I started advertising GoPlan as a benefit we offer during interviews and I noticed it made a huge difference. I had one candidate tell me they appreciated us taking their personal and  financial wellbeing seriously. GoPlan can truly help my company gain a competitive edge in the hiring process!

My employees are unhappy at work!

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I surveyed my employees to address the problem and the majority answered “I do not feel like my employer cares about my wellbeing”. After that I decided to offer GoPlan Groups as a benefit and it has been a moral booster! Our employee engagement picked up and I have GoPlan to thank!

My employees come to me looking for personal and financial advice but I don't have the expertise to help!

I’m Tim. I’m the owner of my company and I offer GoPlan Groups to my employees. With GoPlan I can refer my employees to a Financial Coach with a broad range of expertise. They offered my employees something I couldn’t and now I recommend GoPlan Groups to any owner who wants to help their employees succeed!

I want to give my employees a financial wellness benefit but I don't have the funds!

Hi I’m Antonio from HR. I know offering a financial wellness benefit could help my employees, but the ones on the market are too expensive. GoPlan Groups is a cost-effective option for companies that care about their employees but don’t have a large surplus of funds to spend.

The healthcare benefit we offer at my company is only getting more expensive.

Hi I’m Mia. I was able to lower my company’s healthcare cost over time by offering GoPlan Groups as a benefit. GoPlan’s resources empowered my employees to make educated financial decisions and as a result their stress decreased. Less financial stress lead to less doctor visits which drove my company’s healthcare cost down. I had no idea 75%-90% of all doctors visits are stress-related, and after all, the #1 stressor in life is money!

I have employees from age 21 to 65. There's no financial wellness benefit that can help everyone!

I’m Isaac. GoPlan was perfect for my company because they offer comprehensive content and resources that appeal to all ages. My employees in their 20s benefit from their student loan and credit resources, while those in there 50s enjoy their retirement and Medicare webinars. There is something for everyone and my employees love it!

I offer benefits to my employees but they hardly use them.

Hi, my name is Natalee from HR. GoPlan provided us with an entire employee engagement program. The simplicity of it combined with their hands on promotional material allowed my employees to get the most out of the experience. It was money well spent and Goplan’s personal wellness approach was simple and incorporated all of our benefits.

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Disclaimer: The people in the above examples ae not real and are solely used to demonstrate how GoPlan Groups can benefit the employer and employee.