How GoPlan 101 Helps You.

Do any of these sound familiar?

My credit score is 610. I'm unhappy with it and unsure where to turn.

Hi, I’m Mike. I used my GoPlan financial coach to help me consolidate my debt and my score improved to 730! Because of GoPlan, I can get financing at better rates and buy my dream home!

I'm now over 50, should I have long term care (LTC) insurance?

My name is Brenda. I scheduled a phone call with a GoPlan Financial Coach who helped me understand the issue and explore long term care in general. Then, she directed me to GoPlan’s LTC resource page where I did my own research. We decided on a plan and now I don’t worry about being a burden to my children when I’m older.

What do I save for first...retirement or for my kids college? It is overwhelming!

I’m Rafael. I used GoPlan’s planning software to create a budget and priorities my goals. GoPlan had the tools to simplify these hard decisions and now my daughter Mira is in her second semester of college and I can retire by age 59!

All my friends are investing in stocks, should I? How do I start investing?

My name is Kate. I used GoPlan’s resource center to learn more about the stock market. After that I went to the Network page and opened an account with Betterment! Now I use GoPlans Investments page to stay up to date on trends and use my knowledge to impress my friends!

I think I'm overpaying on taxes. What can I do?

Hi, I’m Aiyden. I watched multiple videos on GoPlan’s tax resource page and then was able to connect with GoPlan’s tax provider on the same page! Now, I refiled and got a refund to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring! Spoiler alert, she said yes!!

I'm 30 and still paying off my student loans. HELP!

My name is Li. I went to GoPlan’s Network page and connected with GoPlan’s student loan specialist. They helped me refinance my student loans and my new rate is 1.89%! Now, I’m less stressed about my finances and have prioritized my money so I can buy a new car!

I'm saving for a down payment. How much do I need?

My name is Dana. I went to GoPlan’s Mortgage resource page and read an article for new home buyers. I learned about home equity loans and connected with GoPlan’s mortgage people to process my loan. I move into my new house tomorrow, fingers crossed for this new adventure!

I'm a small business owner. I need to manage my money better.

My name is Farah. I connected my bank accounts to GoPlan’s Financial Planning Software and I can manage my business revenue and personal finances live. When I need more information about budgeting, I head over to their Resource Center to find what I need! Now, my marketing agency is thriving and I’ve saved enough to go on a vacation with my husband!

Will social security be around when I'm ready to retire?

Hi, I’m Dave. I used Goplan’s Research Center to find articles and videos on Social Security. I learned how to avoid scams and decided to contact a Social Security Expert on GoPlan’s Network Page. Additional knowledge never hurt anyone and it helped me deal with my retirement plan.

Is estate planning necessary if I have a will?

I’m Kevin. I scheduled a phone call with a GoPlan Financial Coach to address the question. The first thing my coach did was ask questions about me, my family, and what I wanted. I got a personalized answer that I wouldn’t have found online! Next, my coach recommended a provider from their Network to simplify the estate planning process.

I'm 38, should I be saving for retirement? If so, how much will I need?

Hi, I’m Tasha. I went to GoPlan’s Financial Tool page and used their retirement calculator. Next, I logged in to their Financial Planning Software to create my own retirement plan! I feel relieved to know where I am and no longer worry about my financial future! Now it is up to me!

I want to make sure my kids get into the right college!

My name is Amaira. I contacted a GoPlan Financial Coach who guided me to their Education Planning page where I connected with their college advisor. Then, my coach showed my how I can afford tuition. I’m excited to announce my son was accepted to his top school! Go Bulldogs!

Am I overpaying on my mortgage or on credit cards?

I’m Taylor. I used Goplan’s Research Center to find more information. Next, I contacted a GoPlan coach so I could get a personalized take on my situation! With my lower mortgage I’ve been able to spoil my kids at Christmas this year!

I'm 65 or older and I need help with Medicare!

My name is Dan. I called a GoPlan Financial Coach to figure out what to do. My coach recommended a company in their Network. With their help, I was able to compare and enroll in a Medicare health insurance plan for me and my family. After doing so, I could feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders!

I'm 30 with 3 kids! When should I worry about life insurance? How much should I have?

Hi, I’m Luke. I used GoPlans Life Insurance Resource page to do my own research and I’m glad I did. I was able to connect with one of their providers to get a quote. Having life insurance is one less thing I have to worry about and after all, I have three kids so I worry enough.

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Disclaimer: The people in the above examples ae not real and are solely used to demonstrate how GoPlan 101 can benefit an individual.