Money Problems?

I'd scream too.

Money Problems?

I’d scream too.

Try GoPlan Free for 1 year
Try GoPlan Free for 1 Year

Is Money Tight These Days?

We’d understand if it were, especially under recent circumstances.

Poorly managed money is stressful and if you agree, you might find yourself looking like the individuals up there.

Shouldn’t you want to do something about it, you know, besides SCREAM.

Imagine If You Could:

  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck 

  • Pay off your student loans

  • Have enough savings to retire on time

  • Get a jump start on your investments

  • Plan for a vacation you could actually afford

  • Not have the stress of finances keeping you up at night

  • Feel EMPOWERED making financial and personal decisions

Introducing GoPlan 101

The Ultimate Financial Wellness Program

Designed To Help You Solve Everyday Problems!

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What Is Financial Wellness?

Google “Financial Wellness” and you’ll find different definitions. But the way we see it, it’s having peace of mind. It’s being free of financial stress and being prepared for life’s uncertainties.

Hi, I’m

When the hunt for a financial wellness platform that could meet the needs of financial literacy came up empty of a practical solution, we made it our mission to develop the best financial wellness platform on the market. We wanted a platform that could help people realize their unique vision for Financial Success and we wanted to do it at an affordable price! 

Because of this, we created . A platform that can help anyone become more financial literate for as little as $6/month. 

that costs the same as a each month.

This was a business idea we had to put into action. We’re confident that you will love our resources and all the lifestyle changes that will come with it, which is why we want to give you your when you sign up today.

See for yourself how GoPlan 101 can remove financial stress from your life!

Okay Jim, Sign me up!

Four Different Ways to Excel in Financial Wellness

Our Resource Center is comprised of Articles, Videos, Training Material, Webinars, Podcasts and more!

We have topics for everyone to explore: Topics include: Estate, Wills, Trusts, Social Security, Medicare, Mortgages, Student Loans, Credit Card Debt, Education Planning, Education Funding, Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Retirement Planning, Budget Planning, Taxes, Investing, and Investments.

As a GoPlan 101 member, you will gain access to eMoney's comprehensive wealth management platform! You can start planning and saving for your life goals while staying organized. 

Learning to properly manage money is one of the key steps to alleviate the financial stress your under on a day to day basis. 

A pivot back to human advice! GoPlan 101 offers one-on-one coaching sessions! Our coaches serve as an additional resource to give a more personalized take on your financial situation. 

You can connect with a coach to gain exposure to new ideas and have a person to bounce financial questions off of. Our coaches are experienced professionals and can benefit you in so many ways!

GoPlan 101 carefully selected a network of third-party experts to further improve your financial well-being. We trust them and you should too! When you connect with our network you'll receive free discounts, free consultations, and more!

To name a few: Vanilla, Rocket Lawyer, LawDepot, eHealth Medicare, Ogden & Co., Social Security Advisors, Fellowship Home Loans, Smarterloan, Splash Financial, Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp., Silver Lion, College Wise, Quotacy, Circle CPA, Greenleaf Financial, Betterment, and Charles Schwab.

is not just:

 401K Education

An Investment platform

A Website